About the Download

With the Employee Timesheet application, employees can log in to add their hours for the day and view past time-sheets. A supervisor can manage his employees, projects, activities, and cost centers. An employee can have either an employee or a supervisory role.

This project is another great example of combining roles with an online database to make a really functional app. It could be extended to track any additional information you would want to record.

System Requirements

The Employee Timesheet application requires the standard commercial phpGrid license as it needs several key features such as the latest time-only picker and group summary.

  • PHP 7.1
  • MySQL / MariaDB
  • phpGrid

The Components of the Employee Timesheet System

An employee timesheet system has several components. The primary component is obviously the Timesheet, but the system requires other entities to work together with it for companies, firms and agencies to effectively collect, manage, track and share records about Projects, Employees, Timesheets, Activities and Cost Centers.

  • Timesheet
  • Employees
  • Projects
  • Activities
  • Cost Center

Database Diagram

Typically, a timesheet system has four basic elements — cost center, project, activity, and lastly, the timesheet for time entry. Most employees will only have permission to access their own time entries, but managers/supervisors have access to all aspects of the timesheet database including the cost center and projects.